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Name Other Names Most Recent Rank Most Recent Unit First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Joel Napoleon Martinez Coronel Jiggs Coronel
Joel Napoleon M. Coronel
Joel Napoleon M Coronel
Joel Napoleon Coronel
Joel Coronel
Police Brigadier General Criminal Investigation and Detection Group
1 July 2016 23 January 2020
Owoye Andrew Azazi A. O. Azazi
Patrick Owoeye Azazi
Owoye Azazi
OA Azazi
Andrew Azazi
General Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
17 January 2005 19 August 2008
Ola Sa'ad Ibrahim Ola Saa'ad Ibrahim
Ola Ibrahim Sa'ad
Ole Sa'ad Ibrahim
Ola Ibrahim
Ola Sa'ad Ibrahim
Admiral Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
4 October 2012 16 January 2014
John Zaruwa JS Zaruw
JS Zaruwa
Mohammed Zaruwa
J.S. Zaruwa
Major General 3 Armoured Division
13 February 2014 24 October 2014
Felipe de Jesús Espitia Hernández Felipe de Jesús Espitia
Jesús Espitia
Jesus Hernandez Espitia
Felipe de Jesús Espita Hernández
General de Brigada Instituto de Seguridad Social para las Fuerzas Armadas Mexicanas
2003 6 March 2017

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