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Start Date End Date Description Violation Types Exact Location Perpetrator Unit Perpetrator Classification
12 December 2015 12 December 2015 According to Human Rights Watch: "Around a month later, on December 31, Ammar was walking to work when four armed men emerged from a parked ... Beating Montaza Police Station, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt Police
3 March 2014 3 March 2014 According to Human Rights Watch: "Omar al-Shuweikh, 23, was arrested at around noon on March 24, 2014, as he walked down a sidewalk in Cairo’s ... Beating,
National Security offices in Second Police Station, Cairo Governorate, Egypt Police
10 October 2015 10 October 2015 According to Human Rights Watch: "On October 16, 2015, Karim, an 18-year-old university student, had just stepped out of a microbus in al-Badrasheen, his village ... Torture al-Badrasheen Police Station, Giza Governorate, Egypt Police
5 May 2011 4 April 2013 According to Alkarama: "Par ailleurs, en décembre 2011, Alkarama avait soumis au Groupe de travail sur les disparitions forcées ou involontaires les cas de MM. ... Disparitions Forcées prison civile de Nouakchott, Nouakchott, Mauritania Military
9 September 2011 9 September 2011 According to LADDH, LADH and Coordination Maghrébine des Organisations des Droits Humains: "La mort de Lamine Mangane : mardi 27 septembre 2011 le jeune Lamine ... Right Of Life Gorgol, Mauritania Gendarmerie

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