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Incident on 31 December 2015 Download as CSV Print this page

Location: Montaza Police Station, Alexandria Governorate

Country: Egypt

Violation types: Beating

Perpetrator classifications: Police


This incident took place in Montaza Police Station, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt


According to Human Rights Watch: "Around a month later, on December 31, Ammar was walking to work when four armed men emerged from a parked car and arrested him. “It’s nothing, we'll just check if you’re wanted or not,” the men assured him. They drove him at around 3 am to Montaza Police Station in eastern Alexandria, where police administered the collective beating known as a “welcoming party.” They brought him to the station’s chief of investigations, who noted that Ammar had been released from custody just a month earlier. “Yes, you’re the one who took me from my house,” Ammar said. “I was inside for more than a year.” “Don’t worry, you’ll go home,” the officer said. “Aren’t you going to quiet down a bit?” “I didn’t do anything, I was taken from in front of my house,” Ammar responded. “We have a small protesting case for you,” the officer said, and ordered Ammar taken to a different room. After two or three hours, Ammar began yelling to the guards that the chief of investigations had promised he would go home. The men took Ammar to the officer, who told him that National Security wanted to see him and that he would go home after meeting them."