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Incident on 30 May 2016 Download as CSV Print this page

Location: Nkpor Motor Park, Anambra

Country: Nigeria

Violation types: Extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings

Perpetrator classifications: Military


This incident took place in Nkpor Motor Park, Anambra, Nigeria


According to Amnesty International: "Around 8am, soldiers opened fire on a group of around 20 men and boys aged between 15 and 45 at Nkpor Motor Park. An eyewitness told Amnesty International that five of them were killed. “I stood about two poles [approximately 100 metres] away from where the [five] men were being shot and killed. I couldn’t quite hear what they were asking the boys, but I saw one boy trying to answer a question. He immediately raised his hands, but the soldiers opened fire... He lay down, lifeless. I saw this myself.” The same witness said that military officers loaded men with gunshot wounds into one van, and what appeared to be corpses into another.""