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Incident on 30 May 2016 [+] Download as CSV Print this page

Location: Oshimili South [+]

Country: Nigeria [+]

Violation types: Arbitrary arrests and detention [+]

Perpetrator classifications: Military [+]


This incident took place in Oshimili South, Nigeria [+]


According to Amnesty International: "Similarly in Onitsha, Nnewi and Asaba, on 30 May 2016, soldiers arrested suspects in hospitals. A witness told Amnesty International that at Crown hospital in Ontisha, soldiers arrested 19 men, including 14 wounded, and took them to state CID. They were not informed of the reason for their arrest and were returned to the hospital after several hours. Others did not return, as 46-year-old civil engineer Markus (not his real name) told Amnesty International about his missing brother: “I was told by IPOB members that he was shot during the protest. He was taken to a hospital ... with another injured IPOB member. Soldiers came inside the hospital to take him away.” Markus still does not know what happened to his brother. In Asaba, the security forces searched for injured people: “The soldiers were going from hospital to hospital telling them not to accept any IPOB member who is injured. They were even picking our members from the hospitals,” an eyewitness told Amnesty International. Another witness confirmed: “In the night, soldiers and policemen were looking for us and other injured people. They were moving from house to house and to hospitals, looking for us.” Many IPOB members who were injured that day said they didn’t go to hospital out of fear of arrest." [+]


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Publication Date Publisher Title Access Date Archive Link
24 November 2016 Amnesty International Nigeria: 'Bullets Were Flying Everywhere' - Deadly Repression of Pro-Biafra Activists 27 September 2018