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151 Task Force Battalion [+] Print this page

Also known as: 151 Battalion [+]

Country: Nigeria [+]

Classified as: Army  Military [+]

Areas of operation

Area of Operation First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Bama [+] February 2016 [+] 4 October 2017 [+]


Multi-unit organizations that this unit is part of
Name Country Other Names Classification First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Operation Lafiya Dole [+] Nigeria [+] OPLD [+]
Operation Lafia Dole [+]
Operation Zaman Lafiya Dole [+]
Army [+]
Joint Task Force [+]
Military [+]
Police [+]
State Security Service (Internal Security) [+]
February 2016 [+] 10 September 2017 [+]

Parent units

All units that have held a command position over this unit.
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List of all sources used to evidence the data in this record Click the "+" symbol next to every data point in the record to see the sources used for that data point.

Publication Date Publisher Publication Title Access Date Archive Link
12 March 2002 This Day Governor Seeks Military Assistance On Porous Borders
12 September 2003 Daily Champion Serving Colonel Emerges New Etsu Nupe
31 December 2003 Daily Trust Religious Sect Invasion
15 October 2007 Daily Trust Army Sends More Troops to Darfur
20 March 2008 Daily Trust 21 Brigade Gets New Commander
14 November 2008 Daily Trust Borno Declares War on Armed Robbers
15 November 2008 Leadership Governor Sheriff Donates 72 Vehicles to 'Operation Flush'
17 March 2009 Daily Champion Governor Sheriff Mourns Jos Monarch
29 July 2009 This Day Shoot-Out in Maiduguri as Soldiers Battle Fanatics
25 September 2010 Daily Champion Jonathan Sacks GOCs, Redeploys Others
09 November 2010 Daily Trust Ward Head Battles Suspected Armed Boko Haram Members
28 January 2011 Daily Independent Bloodbath in Borno
18 October 2011 Daily Trust Borno Killings - JTF Urges Residents to Surrender Arms
13 December 2011 Daily Trust Gunmen Kill Three Soldiers in Borno
05 December 2011 Vanguard Boko Haram Plans to Attack Military Formations - JTF
01 June 2013 This Day Released Suspected Boko Haram Children Spies, Women Handed Over to Governors
09 September 2013 This Day 18 Killed in Fresh Boko Haram Attack On Borno Village
20 September 2013 Leadership SSS Foils Kidnap of Ex-President's Daughters
20 September 2013 Daily Trust Benisheik Attack Death Toll Now 161
27 October 2013 Leadership Confessions of a Captured Boko Haram Member
28 October 2013 Leadership Four Soldiers Killed As Boko Haram Attacks Borno Village
06 November 2013 This Day Military Kills Boko Haram Members in Raids
14 March 2014 Daily Trust Maiduguri Under Siege, Bombs, Gunfire Spreading
15 March 2014 Daily Trust Boko Haram Attacks Barracks in Borno, Suffers Casualty
19 March 2014 Daily Trust Borno Barrack Attack Victims Get Life Line From Govt
06 April 2014 Daily Trust How Giwa Barracks 'Jailbreak' Was Executed
13 August 2014 Daily Independent DHQ Warns Soldiers' Wives Over Troops' Deployment Protest
28 August 2014 This Day Protest of Soldiers' Wives
15 May 2015 Daily Trust Boko Haram Attack - Military Deploys Six Fighter Jets
21 May 2015 Leadership Boko Haram - 600 Soldiers Face Court Martial in Lagos, Abuja
21 May 2015 Daily Independent More Battalions to Be Deployed for Counter Terrorism
03 February 2016 This Day Two Suicide Bombers Intercepted in Maiduguri
02 April 2016 Daily Trust Troops Destroy Boko Haram Explosive Factory
14 May 2016 Daily Trust Boko Haram Attack Troops Camp
Defence Health Maintenance LTD Military Healthcare Facilities under DHML. 20 April 2016
23 September 2016 The Guardian (Nigeria) Civilian JTF replaces troops to secure Bama
20 August 2014 Leadership We Won't Fight Boko Haram With Bare Hands - Soldiers
26 January 2015 Leadership Jonathan's Advance Team Trapped As Army Repels Boko Haram Attack On Maiduguri
10 February 2016 Leadership Army Defeats Boko Haram in Mainok Ambush Attack
27 February 2016 Leadership Army Frees 4,890 Refugees, Captives In Cleared Boko Haram Territories
29 July 2015 Sahara Reporters Nigerian Army Has Redeployed Some Of Its Officers
06 June 2016 Sahara Reporters Troops Carry Out Clearance Operations In Bama LGA Of Borno State
16 June 2016 The Nation (Nigeria) Alleged misconduct: Govt replaces nine defence attaches 06 August 2018
10 August 2017 The Nation (Nigeria) Buratai decorates 65 gallant troops with medals
06 July 2015 The Nation (Nigeria) Maiduguri locked down for Army day celebration 06 August 2018
05 October 2017 The Nation (Nigeria) Troops Kill 4 Boko Haram members in Borno 25 August 2018
26 June 2016 Nigerian Army Update on Operation Lafiya Dole: Troops Carry out Several Clearence Patrols
28 April 2013 Channels Television Nigerian Army Updates Officers On Operations Planning
12 March 2016 Channels Television Clearance Operations Against Boko Haram Terrorists Heat Up
03 August 2015 Daily Trust Troops Rescue 178 in Borno
05 September 2014 Daily Trust Soldiers Evacuating Families From Maiduguri Barracks
07 November 2015 Premium Times ‚ÄčNigerian ‚ÄčArmy rescues 20 more abducted persons
06 July 2015 Premium Times Maiduguri grounded as Generals storm city for Nigeria Army Day Celebration
28 August 2014 The Punch Mutiny: Four Military Officers Quizzed
23 September 2013 This Day Benisheikh Ambush - Residents Ask for Restoration of Telecoms Services
20 September 2013 This Day Borno Highway Ambush - 142 Corpses Evacuated From Bushes
23 March 2014 This Day 'Strange Helicopter Hovered Over Giwa Barracks Before Attack'
13 July 2016 This Day Bama: When Will the Tears and Blood Stop Flowing
09 December 2010 Vanguard Stampede as Boko Haram, task force engage in gun duel
21 February 2011 Vanguard Army Discovers High Profile Arms in Borno
14 November 2011 Vanguard Military Can Tackle Internal Security Challenges, Says GOC
16 February 2012 Vanguard Boko Haram - Massive Shake-Up in the Army
06 October 2014 Vanguard Bama - Military Orders Arrest of General for Running Into Bush With Troops in Fear of B'Haram
07 November 2015 Vanguard Army Rescues 20 More Persons, Clears Terrorists Enclaves in Borno
09 June 2016 Vanguard Counter-Insurgency Operation - Troops Making Progress As More Hostages Regain Freedom
03 June 2016 Vanguard Troops kill 11 Boko Haram terrorists, lose soldiers
26 June 2016 Vanguard Troops rescue 5,000 Boko Haram captives, Kill 10 terrorists
2018 Routledge Counter-Insurgency in Nigeria: The Military and Operations against Boko Haram, 2011-2017 16 February 2018
31 May 2012 Daily Trust Boko Haram Leader's Death- Judge Asks Counsel to Address Court on Jurisdiction
01 October 2017 The Punch Boko Haram attacks Bama, service chiefs to visit Borno 06 August 2018
02 June 2015 Amnesty International Stars on their shoulders. Blood on their hands. War crimes committed by the Nigerian military
01 May 2017 Daily Trust 21 Brigade of the Nigerian Army gets new commander
08 August 2010 Daily Trust One year after... the carnage of Boko Haram stands tall in Borno, Yobe 06 August 2018
10 October 2017 OpenStreetMap Node: Burari (501494921)
08 August 2017 This Day Two Soldiers Dead, Scores of Boko Haram Terrorists Killed in Ambush
29 June 2017 Vanguard Army buries 2 soldiers killed in battle with Boko Haram
12 September 2017 Vanguard Troops massacre Boko Haram terrorists Borno ambush, raid
09 June 2018 Vanguard Troops kill many bandits, arrest Boko Haram logistics supplier in Kaduna 06 August 2018
04 June 2018 Vanguard Army rescues 58 women used as sex slaves by Boko Haram 09 August 2018
20 July 2018 Vanguard Buratai renames 21 Brigade as Special Forces Brigade 25 August 2018