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4 Squadron [+] Print this page

Also known as: 4sq| 4th Sqn| 4th Squadron| No. 4 [+]

Country: Saudi Arabia [+]

Classified as: Air Force  Military [+]


Site First Cited Date Last Cited Date
King Abdul Aziz International Airport [+] 2008 [+] 6 November 2021 [+]


Multi-unit organizations that this unit is part of
Name Country Other Names Classification First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Operation Decisive Storm [+] Yemen [+] Firmness Storm [+]
Operation Storm of Resolve [+]
Resolve Storm [+]
operation Asifat al-Hazm [+]
Air Force [+]
Army [+]
Joint Operation [+]
Military [+]
Navy [+]
Operation Restoring Hope [+] Yemen [+] Arab Coalition [+]
Arab Coalition Forces [+]
Arab Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen [+]
Gulf Arab coalition [+]
Hope Restoration Operation [+]
Joint Forces [+]
Operation Renewal of Hope [+]
Operation Storm of Resolve [+]
Saudi-led Arab Coalition [+]
Saudi-led Coalition [+]
coalition forces [+]
operations Renewal of Hope [+]
Air Force [+]
Army [+]
Joint Operation [+]
Military [+]
Navy [+]

Parent units

All units that have held a command position over this unit.
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Publication Date Publisher Publication Title Access Date Archive Link
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31 January 2018 @MbKS15 #RSAF🇸🇦 C-130H Hercules assigned to the 4th Sqn prepares to takeoff from Aden Airport, #Yemen 06 December 2021
c-130.net Royal Saudi Air Force C-130s 30 January 2022
Scramble Magazine Royal Saudi Air Force 06 November 2021
31 March 2015 Queen Saudi مشاهد حديثه من تجهيز واقلاع وهبوط طائرات عاصفة الحزم تسجيل من قناة السعوديه