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1 Regimiento Blindado de Reconocimiento [+] Print this page

Also known as: 1/er. Regimiento Blindado| 1/er. Regimiento Blindado de Reconocimiento| Primer Regimiento Blindado de Reconocimiento [+]

Country: Mexico [+]

Classified as: Army  Military [+]


Site First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Ciudad Juárez [+] 1 March 2010 [+]
State of Mexico [+] 4 July 2008 [+] 22 May 2011 [+]


Multi-unit organizations that this unit is part of
Name Country Other Names Classification First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Operación Coordinada Chihuahua [+] Mexico [+] Operativo Conjunto Chihuahua [+] Army [+]
Joint Task Force [+]
Military [+]
National Police [+]
1 March 2010 [+]


Table showing personnel linked to this unit in command, administrative and other roles
Name Rank Role Official Title First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Jorge Juárez Loera [+] None Commander [+]


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Publication Date Publisher Publication Title Access Date Archive Link
11 April 2017 Security Force Monitor Name standardized in accordance with Security Force Monitor research
22 May 2011 El Universal “Perfil General en retiro Jorge Juárez Loera”
22 May 2011 El Universal Asesinan a ex alto mando de la Defensa Nacional
04 July 2008 Presidencia de la República Se designa al General de División Diplomado de Estado Mayor Jorge Juárez Loera como Inspector y Contralor General del Ejército y Fuerza Aérea Mexicanos
01 March 2010 Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional Se releva personal militar en Ciudad Juárez, Chih. 04 October 2018