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Also known as: GN. MIL.| Gn. Mil. de Matamoros. Matamoros, Tamps.| Gn. Mil. de Matamoros, Tamps| Gn. Mil. de Matamoros, Tamps.| Gn. Mil. de Matamoros, Tamps. Matamoros, Tamps.| Gn. Mil. Matamoros, Tamps| Guarnicion de la Plaza| Guarnición Militar| Guarnición Militar, Matamoros, Tamps.

Country: Mexico

Classified as: Ejército  Militar


Site First cited Last cited
Matamoros 8 February 2004 5 February 2018

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All units that have held a command position over this unit.
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