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6 Squadron [+] Print this page

Also known as: 6| 6sq| No. 6 Squadron [+]

Country: Jordan [+]

Classified as: Air Force  Military [+]


Site First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Muwaffaq Salti Air Base [+] January 2003 [+] 7 December 2021 [+]
King Khalid Air Base [+]
Khamis Mushayt [+]


Multi-unit organizations that this unit is part of
Name Country Other Names Classification First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Operation Decisive Storm [+] Yemen [+] Firmness Storm [+]
Operation Storm of Resolve [+]
Resolve Storm [+]
operation Asifat al-Hazm [+]
Air Force [+]
Army [+]
Joint Operation [+]
Military [+]
Navy [+]

Parent units

All units that have held a command position over this unit.
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