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82 Mechanised Battalion [+] Print this page

Also known as: 82 BN| 82 Battalion [+]

Country: Nigeria [+]

Classified as: Army  Military [+]

Areas of operation

Area of Operation First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Jos North [+] 2006 [+]


Site First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Jos [+] 27 March 2006 [+] 17 May 2013 [+]


Multi-unit organizations that this unit is part of
Name Country Other Names Classification First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Operation BOYONA [+] Nigeria [+] JTF [+]
JTF's Operation Boyona [+]
Joint Task Force [+]
Army [+]
Joint Task Force [+]
Military [+]
Police [+]
State Security Service (Internal Security) [+]
16 May 2013 [+]
African Union Mission in the Sudan [+] Sudan [+] AMIS [+] Peacekeeping [+] 27 March 2006 [+]

Parent units

All units that have held a command position over this unit.
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Publication Date Publisher Publication Title Access Date Archive Link
11 April 2017 Security Force Monitor This unit is a placeholder to represent the hierarchical structure of this branch of the security service, based on the Security Force Monitor's research, as the Monitor does not currently have a source for a parent relationship to a specific, named unit
02 October 2000 Vanguard Obasanjo Okays New Army Division For Benin
17 September 2001 This Day Aftermath of Jos Riot, 5 Killed in Onitsha
17 March 2006 Vanguard Dismissed Soldiers Appear in Court
28 March 2006 Daily Trust Sudan: Darfur Crisis: First Batch of Troops Airlifted to Sudan
08 November 2010 Daily Trust GOC Urges Army to Be Neutral During Elections
17 August 2011 This Day Army Chief Faces Court Martial Over Bauchi, Borno Crises
16 March 2012 Daily Trust Failing State, Fading Peacekeepers
28 May 2012 Leadership Army Court Martial's 14 STF Soldiers for 'Gross Misconduct'
25 March 2013 Leadership Dankwambo Urges Army to Respect Rights, Privilege of Citizens
21 July 2014 Daily Trust Army Begins Shooting Exercise Today in Jos
02 February 2015 Daily Trust STF Holds Weapons Handling Competition Ahead of Elections
10 August 2014 Daily Independent Military Option May Not Free Chibok Girls - Babajamu 01 August 2018
20 May 2015 Sahara Reporters Nigerian Army: No Longer Business As Usual With Buhari In Charge By Abiodun Ladepo
26 October 2006 Council on Foreign Relations Modern Military Force Structures
03 February 2013 Daily Trust Deployment of Nigerian Troops Is to Block Insurgents'
17 May 2013 Leadership Emergency Rule - Economic Activities Grounded in Three States
16 May 2013 The Punch Hundreds of troops deployed in Adamawa, Borno, Yobe
2014 United States Department of State Foreign Military Training and DoD Engagement Activities of Interest, 2013-2014
12 June 2015 This Day Boko Haram: Buhari Calls for Limiting Sect’s Access to Funds, Weapons, Others
16 February 2012 Vanguard Boko Haram - Massive Shake-Up in the Army
2018 Routledge Counter-Insurgency in Nigeria: The Military and Operations against Boko Haram, 2011-2017 16 February 2018
12 January 2013 Leadership Army Deploys More Soldiers to Darfur 01 August 2018