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Also known as: 10/o. R.C.M.| 10/o. Regimiento de Caballería Motorizado| 10/o. RGTO. CAB MTZ.| 10/o. RGTO. CAB. MTZ.| 10/o. RGTO. DE CAB. MOTORIZADO| 10/o. RGTO.DE CAB. MOTORIZADO| décimo regimiento de caballería motorizada| décimo regimiento de Caballería Motorizada| X Regimiento de Caballería Motorizado

Country: Mexico

Classified as: Ejército  Militar

Areas of operation

Area First cited Last cited
Tenango del Valle 22 January 2018
Tenancingo 5 September 2017 20 March 2018
Reynosa 4 January 2011 4 January 2011
Matamoros 17 March 2009 29 October 2009
Río Bravo 5 September 2007 28 March 2009
Camargo 1 August 2007 31 August 2007


Site First cited Last cited
Tenancingo 29 June 2016 22 January 2018
Reynosa 31 December 2013 10 May 2016


Multi-unit organizations that this unit is part of
Name Aliases Classifications First cited Last cited
Operación Conjunta Nuevo León - Tamaulipas Operación Conjunta Nuevo León – Tamaulipas
Operation Nuevo Leon-Tamaulipas
Operación Conjunta
4 January 2011

Parent units

All units that have held a command position over this unit.
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