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Also known as: ناصر مشبب العتيبي

Country: United Arab Emirates

Last seen as

Brigadier General, United Arab Emirates Coalition Commander in Aden of Operation Restoring Hope (Air Force/Army/Joint Operation/Military/Navy) on July 2017


Unit Rank Role Title First Cited Date Last Cited Date
Operation Restoring Hope Brigadier General United Arab Emirates Coalition Commander in Aden January 2017 July 2017

Chain of command

Command relationships from a person's posting to the highest-level unit (calculated at the end of the posting)
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Commanders of units that were superior to any units commanded by this person
Name Rank Role Unit Start of overlap End of overlap Duration of overlap
Abdurrahman bin Saleh Al-Bunyan Lieutenant General Commander General Staff 2014 25 February 2018 ~1516 days