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Incident on 3 April 2015 [+] Print this page

Location: Hajjar Ekaish village, Sana'a Governorate [+]

Country: Yemen [+]

Violation types: Aerial attack may tantamount to war crimes in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law [+]


This incident took place in Hajjar Ekaish village, Sana'a Governorate, Yemen [+]


According to Mwatana for Human Rights: "Despite the statements issued by the Spokesman of the Arab Allied Forces –Brigadier General Ahmed Aseeri- that all precautionary measures were taken to avoid civilian casualties and to ensure the safety and security of all Yemenis, a sizable number of the coalition’ aerial attacks did target civilian areas and resulted in killing and injury of civilian, damage of homes, civil institutions and infrastructures. These violations may tantamount to war crimes in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law. [...] The Saudi-led Arab coalition warplanes had bombed on 3 April 2015 Hajjar Ekaish village in Bani Matar District in Sana’a, at 7:00 p.m. killing 11 civilians, including seven children and two women, and wounding seven civilians, including three children and two women. Ahmed Al-Okeshi, an eyewitness and relative of the victims, said that his brother, sister-in-law, three of his nephews, and five of his brother grandchildren and the wife of his nephew were all killed in the attack, said that the coalition bombed three houses owned by his brother at a time when the three families were inside the houses. The victims were rushed to 26 September Hospital in Mattna (southern west of Sana’a) and AlThawra hospital in Sana’a. Al-Okeshi denied the existence of military camps or groups of militants in the area, pointing out that the nearest military post is located in Prophet Shuaib Mountain, which is about five kilometers away from the village." [+]

Perpetrator units

Name Other Names Classification
Operation Decisive Storm [+] Firmness Storm
Operation Storm of Resolve
Resolve Storm
operation Asifat al-Hazm
Air Force [+]
Army [+]
Joint Operation [+]
Military [+]
Navy [+]


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15 December 2015 Mwatana for Human Rights Blind Air Strikes 09 October 2019