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Incident on 18 April 2015 [+] Print this page

Location: Al-Khafji market, Sa'dah Governorate [+]

Country: Yemen [+]

Violation types: Aerial attack may tantamount to war crimes in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law [+]


This incident took place in Al-Khafji market, Sa'dah Governorate, Yemen [+]


According to Mwatana for Human Rights: "Despite the statements issued by the Spokesman of the Arab Allied Forces –Brigadier General Ahmed Aseeri- that all precautionary measures were taken to avoid civilian casualties and to ensure the safety and security of all Yemenis, a sizable number of the coalition’ aerial attacks did target civilian areas and resulted in killing and injury of civilian, damage of homes, civil institutions and infrastructures. These violations may tantamount to war crimes in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law. [...] The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighter jets bombed a Qat market called Al Khafji market at 8:00 a.m. on 18 April 2015. This market is one of the big Qat markets in Sada’a and is located on the main road between the city of Sada’a and Al-Talh market and is seven kilometers north of the governorate capital. This strike killed three civilians, including two children, and wounded at least seven, including two children. All the victims were either guards or Qat sellers and most of them belong to Al Ajlan who collect the Qat tax in the market. Nasser Mahdi, 49 years old, one of the victims in the incident and a Qat seller spoke to Mwatana saying that he didn’t hear the sound of the plane when it hit the market, but he heard it when it was flying after it had targeted the market with a bomb that exploded 100 meters away while he was inside his Qat shop inside the market. Nasser continued by saying that he sprawled on the ground when the bomb exploded and crawled about 12 meters, asserting that “Those who were killed and wounded in this incident are innocent people, who are pursuing their livelihood to care for their families.” Another witness who’s working as a guard in the targeted market said that all those who were at the market were Qat sellers and ordinary citizens who are not linked to AlHouthi armed group. He said “The strike turned the market into a massacre of the dead and wounded, many of the victims are not familiar or known because the target was a market to which many people go."" [+]

Perpetrator units

Name Other Names Classification
Operation Decisive Storm [+] Firmness Storm
Operation Storm of Resolve
Resolve Storm
operation Asifat al-Hazm
Air Force [+]
Army [+]
Joint Operation [+]
Military [+]
Navy [+]


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15 December 2015 Mwatana for Human Rights Blind Air Strikes 09 October 2019