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Incident on 6 April 2015 [+] Print this page

Location: Sa'adah district, Sa'dah Governorate [+]

Country: Yemen [+]

Violation types: Unlawful Airstrike [+]


This incident took place in Sa'adah district, Sa'dah Governorate, Yemen [+]


According to Human Rights Watch: "Unlawful Airstrikes [...] Human Rights Watch investigated several coalition aerial attacks in Saada City that appeared to be in violation of the laws of war. On the basis of information from relatives, witnesses, medical staff, and local Houthi authorities Human Rights Watch compiled the names and ages of 59 people killed in aerial attacks in Saada City between April 6 and May 11, including 14 women and at least 35 children. [...] Around 12:30 a.m. on April 6, an aerial attack struck the home of Muhammad Daghfal, killing seven members of the family, including four women and two children, according to Muhammad Gahsha, a grave worker who buried the dead. Human Rights Watch visited the ruins of the house, which was located in a rural area about five kilometers from the center of Saada City. An investigator at the Salam hospital confirmed the deaths. Satellite imagery recorded on April 7 shows the complete destruction of the Daghfal house. Satellite imagery shows no other damage in the vicinity." [+]

Perpetrator units

Name Other Names Classification
Operation Decisive Storm [+] Firmness Storm
Operation Storm of Resolve
Resolve Storm
operation Asifat al-Hazm
Air Force [+]
Army [+]
Joint Operation [+]
Military [+]
Navy [+]


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Publication Date Publisher Publication Title Access Date Archive Link
30 June 2015 Human Rights Watch Targeting Saada: Unlawful Coalition Airstrikes on Saada City in Yemen 09 October 2019