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David Ahmadu [+] Print this page

Also known as: D.D. Ahamdu [+]

Country: Nigeria [+]

Last seen as

Brigadier General, Commander of 35 Artillery Brigade (Army/Military) on 16 January 2014 [+]


Unit Rank Role Official Title First Cited Date Last Cited Date
35 Artillery Brigade [+] Brigadier General [+] Commander [+] 6 August 2013 [+] 16 January 2014 [+]

Chain of command

Command relationships from a person's posting to the highest-level unit (calculated at the end of the posting)
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Commanders of units that were superior to any units commanded by this person
Name Rank Role Unit Start of overlap End of overlap Duration of overlap
Obi Abel Umahi [+] Major General [+] Commander [+] 81 Division [+] 27 January 2013 [+] 6 February 2014 [+] 375 days


List of all sources used to evidence the data in this record Click the "+" symbol next to every data point in the record to see the sources used for that data point.

Publication Date Publisher Publication Title Access Date Archive Link
28 January 2013 Daily Trust Army Redeploys Minimah, Others
30 July 2013 This Day Boko Haram - 42 Suspects Arrested in Lagos, Ogun
06 August 2013 Daily Trust Army Arrests 28 Vandals in Ogun
19 October 2013 This Day Nigeria, UK, U
30 November 2013 This Day 2015 - Army Prepares Agaist Violence
Nigerian Army Nigerian Army | 81 Division
09 May 2013 Leadership NSCIA to Boko Haram - Stop Spilling Blood
07 February 2014 The Sun (Nigeria) Army moves against terrorism in Lagos
16 January 2014 The Nation (Nigeria) Amosun seeks sustained welfare for families
28 September 2013 This Day Terrorism... Shopping Malls, Tank Farms Under Surveillance 02 August 2018
11 August 2013 Vanguard Oil Theft - End of the Road for Pastor, Herbalist, 26 Others